What is the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind?

It’s an event for life insurance agents selling over the phone and/or marketing online.

Join over 200 Digital Life Insurance Agents for 2 full days of proven, strategic content directly from agents in the trenches growing their agencies.

This is unlike any conference or event you’ve ever been to.

There are:

No sales pitches.

No vendor booths.

No recruiters.

Gain access to the ONE ROOM where successful digital life insurance agents share their proven strategies that are growing profits and scaling their business.

One insight, strategy or connection can give you the clarity to charge forward in your business fast.

If you sell life insurance online or over the phone, the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind is YOUR event. Welcome home.

What To Expect

Actionable Content

2 full days of actionable, proven, strategic content from life insurance agents in the trenches growing their businesses into efficient, highly profitable businesses.

Everything you hear at the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind will be tested, proven strategies to generate more leads and sell more life insurance over the phone.

You’ll walk out of this event with actionable insights and strategies from some of the fastest growing independent digital life insurance agents and agencies out there.

Networking & Fun

Included in your ticket price is:

  • Lunch both days at The Line Hotel.
  • Opening party on 5/13 at P6. We rented out one of the hottest restaurants in Austin (P6 view shown on the right). Free drinks and appetizers that evening hosted by Protective Life!
  • Friday night, TBD.

All to foster more in-depth conversations with other agents in the trenches selling life insurance over the phone and/or marketing online.

A lot of agents from our previous years events mention the connections they made as being one of the biggest values from this event.


This event doesn’t even get scheduled if it’s not for the commitment of those who are willing to share the best that they have on stage.

We’re beyond excited for this year’s committed speakers. It’s a lineup loaded with specific knowledge to help you grow your business.

At the end of both days, we’ll have 1 hour of Q&A with all the speakers from that day.

Peter Shankman

The Economy of the Next Fifty Years will be run by the Customer Experience

Peter is recognized worldwide for radically new ways of thinking about the customer experience, social media, PR, marketing, and advertising.

Peter has 3 startup launches and exits including Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – a service many digital life insurance leverage to get mentioned in media. Peter’s presentation will cover:

  • The five rules of the customer economy
  • Why speed matters
  • How to stay “top-of-mind” in every customer’s mind, from beginning to end
  • How millennials, as well as Generations Z and Neuroatypical are consuming content, and how you can get in front of them

Jovan Will & Terry Heys

Annuity Attraction Marketing And Virtual Sales Secrets: Attract And Close Large Annuity Cases 100% Over The Phone

Jovan Will is the mastermind behind some of the largest digital marketing programs in the annuity industry that have produced over $500M in annuity sales. In this 2-part session, Jovan will reveal how he generates targeted annuity leads and qualified appointments with digital marketing.

Terry Heys is an industry-veteran with over 25 years experience as a financial advisor. In addition to his assets under management, Terry writes over $7 million of annuity premium each year — 100% over the phone. Terry has built a highly profitable “virtual” practice without having to meet clients in-person. Terry will walk you through step-by-step how to effortlessly close large annuity cases virtually and over the phone.

Danny Ray

Bring Your Telesales Game To The Next Level

Danny has been a telesales producer for over 26 years with the last 7 years as a life insurance telesales agent. He was taught directly by Jordan Belfort (Wolf of Wall Street) as a cold caller at Stratton Oakmont in his early years and has implemented the “straight line selling” into his life insurance telesales process.

These principals have enabled Danny to write over 7000+ Individual policies, with personal records of 21 apps in a day, 63 apps in a week, and 156 apps in a month, all over the phone. Danny will be going over the mindset you need to be successful, including call structure and how the sale is made or lost in the first minute of the call – exactly what he teaches agents at LifeTelesalesMentor.com.

Tom Love

Truly Understand How Wealth Works

Tom has helped  $1,398,000,000 get off the radar screen of the IRS through cash value life insurance. Tom teaches agents to do this with an average target premium over $80,000 through TheBreakAwayLeague.com.

His strategy is unique (not “Infinite Banking” or “Bank on Yourself”) and doesn’t involve IULs. Tom’s presentation will help you understand how wealth works and yes, you can do this over the phone!

Todd Ewing

Building a Remote Empire – Strategies for Writing 700+ New Policies Every Year

Todd Ewing (InsuranceMined.com) has consulted to the industry’s top life insurance Direct Marketers, BGA’s, Institutions, InsureTech and Carriers.

Todd is a master at life insurance telesales and direct marketing. He’s helped develop the systems and training for the some of the most well known life insurance call centers in the nation. He’s going to show us strategies for a single agent to write 700+ new policies every year like many of these call center agents do.

Anthony Martin

How to master user experience to crush your competition online

Anthony Martin wrote over $1,000,000 in final expense premium over the phone in 2019 as an independent agent on his own pen and carries over 90% 13 month persistency on his telesales business. He’s been Mutual of Omaha’s #1 agent in production for their final expense product for 2018 & 2019.

Anthony did this by generating 30,000+ leads on his website in 2019. He’ll be presenting on one of the biggest reasons he’s been so successful with his website (that many agents ignore): user experience.

Cody Askins

Facebook Ad Masterclass: Term life Insurance and Mortgage Protection

Cody Askins runs the 8percentnation.com, secureagentleads.com and codyaskins.com. He has spent more than $10,000,000 generating insurance leads on Facebook and trains agents across the country to write more business.

In this session, Cody will show you the exact ad copy, targeting and share cost per lead for Mortgage Protection term and traditional life insurance leads powering agencies across the nation.

Jason Eichmiller & Ryan Smith

Chatbots 2.0: How to Build a Bot that Builds Instant Rapport With Your Prospects

How can you build a connection with your final expense prospect before even speaking with them on the phone? Since working with Jason Eichmiller to implement chatbots into his marketing arsenal in June 2019, Ryan Smith has ascended the DigitalBGA leaderboard.

Jason and will go deep into how to build a Chatbot that gets your leads to know, like and trust you before the phone call. Ryan will talk about his best phone closing practices that led him to recently close 5 Chatbot prospects in one day (and rid himself from his dependency on buying leads).

Rich Florence & David Thoms

Scaling Your Business Through Partnerships

Rich & David were multi-million-dollar annuity producers in the field who have successfully made the transition over to tele-sales.  They have each consistently sold over $35,000 of life insurance premium a month over the phone and are helping agents to do the same.  Every single policy they have sold over the phone has been a purchased lead.  They are cousins and partners in their agency, Summit Life Group.  

They will be sharing how they were able to transition to tele-sales and scale their business by utilizing successful partnerships.

Jason Fisher (Fish)

The Give & Take Game With Google

This will be an intermediate primer in understanding what Google really wants, how to deliver it the way Google wants it, and concrete ways you can strategically implement your future content marketing plan to align with Google’s wants and needs in an exceptionally user-first technique to harness more organic traffic for years to come.

Jason Fisher is the owner and founder of BestLifeRates.org, an authority life insurance website which has garnered over a million organic visits in just the last few years. Jason, a former life insurance agent turned full-time SEO, not only has the involvement with his flagship site, but has experience working with a handful of well-known insurance and financial brands.

Chris Huntley

7 Steps to Building a 7 Figure Life Insurance Website

Chris Huntley founded and exited InsuranceBlogByChris.com, a life insurance website, for a 7 figure pay day.

This website was his main source of income as an independent agent for a decade before he exited. Right before Chris sold, he doubled his traffic and is going to share with us the 7 steps he took to scale IBBC and also currently applying to his now his fast growing website outside of the insurance industry.

Nic West

Business Building Leverage: Know Your Numbers + Growth By Business Loans, Mergers & Acquisitions

Nic has placed in force over 7,000 policies, never having met a client face to face. The previous 3.5 years, he’s put all his knowledge of technology, marketing and brokerage into building DigitalBGA – a telesales focused BGA.

His presentation will cover business basics like managing a P&L statement and making decisions off of those numbers. The basics so you can truly evaluate what you have to scale with. He’ll also talk about growth through business loans, mergers and acquisitions.


Here are some comments made from those who have attended in the past.

“There is no carrier b.s. or boring sessions like other industry events…”

For those of you who didn’t make the trip last year, this type of event is fantastic. There is no carrier b.s. or boring sessions like other industry events, just producers sharing ideas and helping each other get more leads and write more business.

No matter where you are in your online agency’s growth, this event should be on your calendar if you can make it. You’re going to get on a plane after the meetings with a ton of ideas and more motivation than you’ve had in years (at least that was my experience last year).

“I’ve been to 50+ industry conferences in my career and this 2 day session was by far the most informative, enlightening and impactful..”

I’ve been to 50+ Industry conferences in my career and this 2 day session was by far the most informative, enlightening and impactful conference that I can remember. Outstanding speakers and content, no ego or bs, and tons of real-world insights and tools to grow the business. Loved connecting with people who want to change the sales/marketing landscape. Let’s roll and keep shifting the entire insurance paradigm!

“It was one of those priceless pivotal moments that changed my business forever…”

I never really thought about scaling until I went to the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind. I was just trying to scratch out a living, you know what I mean? I didn’t even have a clue what was possible.

All the presentations were good. But [this event] showed me I was thinking small, tiny-ass potatoes. It was one of those priceless pivotal moments that changed my business forever.

“If asked what the theme for this unbelievable event was the answer has to be GENEROSITY”

If asked what the theme for this unbelievable event was the answer has to be GENEROSITY. Not run of the mill being polite generosity either, but generosity of specific expertise. This is not something you come across everyday and never where it’s the rule rather than the exception.

“There’s nothing better than learning from your peers”

This really was a fantastic event. There’s nothing better than learning from your peers. Too often I have found that conferences in the financial/insurance industry are more hype than substance and I know I have left more than a few thinking that it probably wasn’t worth my time. This was 2 days very well spent. I learned a ton and now have several very specific things to take action on to improve my business. Oh and had a lot of fun too! 

“I truly believe we’re at the beginning of something even greater to come..”

This event was nothing short of kick-ass.

I felt “at home” with all of you, hanging out, chatting about life and business. I left feeling happy and fulfilled in about every facet imaginable.

I truly believe we’re at the beginning of something even greater to come, and every person who takes massive action and sticks together with this family will see results which will forever change their lives moving forward.

This is no ordinary event, it’s an experience.

Join over 200 of the nation’s most forward thinking independent life insurance agents.

Get strategies to stay ahead and get results…NOW

None of the sessions will be fully recorded. All the information shared will be for the attendees eyes and ears only. You won’t hear this information from your uplines or online communities. All sessions will be followed up by Q&A so you can get the most value.

Gain access to the room where some of the most successful digital life insurance agents will openly share their strategies that are scaling their businesses.

More importantly, build your connections

You’re going to walk away with so many connections of people that can help you now or in the future. An experience that you’ll remember for a long time.

Having trouble generating quality leads? Not converting leads to sales over the phone? Don’t know the next step to scale your business? Do you feel stuck?

Leverage your connections to get the information and strategies you need. Don’t have connections? Get to this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make those dates, will this event be recorded?

No. It won’t be recorded. We want to promote the sharing of ideas and we believe a big reason why our speakers in previous years have shared so much is because they know it won’t be syndicated.

However if speakers want to record their own presentations and share, that’s fine with us if they do share them.

Will I get to meet the speakers?

Yes. We designed the event for maximum interaction. We’ll all dine together for lunch both days (covered in your ticket price). We’ll spend 3 hours together at the opening party and have formal get togethers each evening. Lastly, we carved out one hour at the end of each day for a FAQ session with all the speakers on stage.

How many attendees will there be?

We’re planning for only 200 agents to attend.

Is this some kind of recruiting play?

No. There is no recruiting allowed. This event is solely to learn new growth strategies in our niche area of the life insurance industry and connect digital life insurance agents no matter who their upline is.

What hotel should I stay at?

We’ll have a discounted room block at The Line Hotel. We recommend staying at The Line for maximum exposure to everyone staying there. If you have points with any major hotel, chances are you can find one within walking distance of the event as well and stay for free.

When will the event start and end?

Start time is 8:30 each morning until 5:00 each day – Friday May 14th and Saturday May 15th.

We recommend arriving Thursday May 13th and leaving Sunday May 15th.

Technically you could fly out Saturday May 15th after 5:00 if you want to save on costs and not stay another night because the airport is within 25 minutes of The Line Hotel, but you’ll miss out on a lot of fun as we’ll plan something as a group for the last night.

Tell me about The Line Hotel

  1. It’s a beautiful, newly renovated hotel walking/scootering/ubering distance to anywhere downtown Austin.
  2. It’s right on the Congress Bridge.  Each evening at dusk, 1.5 Million bats emerge from under the bridge. It’s the largest urban bat colony in the world. Step right outside the hotel and see it or watch it from your hotel room.
  3. Breakfast tacos are serious business in Austin, TX. The BEST breakfast tacos in all of Austin is Vera Cruz. The Line has one of the few locations.

Are there any refunds?

If you purchased a ticket PRIOR to August 31st, 2020. Tickets are refundable until December 31st.

If you’re reading this right now, there are no refunds, however tickets are transferable. We do plan to sell out like the previous 2 years so finding someone to buy your ticket shouldn’t be too hard.

Register Today!

Access the latest marketing strategies, growth tips and business advice from hand-selected expert digital life insurance experts making waves in our industry.

Get to know other agents and speakers at lunch both days and at a hosted opening party at one of the hottest restaurants and bars in all of Austin, TX. All of this is included in your ticket price.

Ticket Price (after April 23rd, 2021): $995
Ticket Price (after January 31st 2021): $750
Current Discounted Price: $650

Discounted Ticket Price: $650 <<<right now!