What is the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind?

It’s an event for life insurance agents selling over the phone and/or marketing online.

Join over 200 Digital Life Insurance Agents for 1.5 days of proven, strategic content directly from agents in the trenches growing their agencies.

This is unlike any conference or event you’ve ever been to.

There are no sales pitches, no vendor booths and no recruiting. Just pure sharing of what’s working in these dynamic marketing and selling conditions.

Gain access to the ONE ROOM where successful digital life insurance agents share their proven strategies that are growing profits and scaling their business.

One insight, strategy or connection can give you the clarity to charge forward in your business fast.

If you sell life insurance online or over the phone, the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind is the event of the year.

What To Expect

Actionable Content

1 full day of actionable, proven, strategic content from life insurance agents in the trenches growing their businesses into efficient, highly profitable businesses.

Day 2 will be 4 hours of masterminding. Speakers and experts will be in the room for you to have 1 on 1 conversations. Bring your biggest challenges and questions and ask the experts OR other attendees!

You’ll walk out of this event with actionable insights and strategies from some of the fastest growing independent digital life insurance agents and agencies out there.

Networking & Fun

Included in your ticket price is:

  • Lunch on Day 1
  • Breakfast on Day 2.
  • Opening party. Free drinks and appetizers that evening hosted by a TBD Sponsor at a TBD location.

All to foster more in-depth conversations with other agents in the trenches selling life insurance over the phone and/or marketing online.

A lot of agents from our previous years events mention the connections they made as being one of the biggest values from this event.


This event doesn’t even get scheduled if it’s not for the commitment of those who are willing to share the best that they have on stage.

We’re beyond excited for this year’s committed speakers. It’s a lineup loaded with specific knowledge to help you grow your business.

You can get some 1 on 1 time with every speaker.

All speakers have committed to working with agents during the 4 hour mastermind session on Day 2.

Tony Hakim

Intentional Growth

Tony will challenge many of the shared belief’s in the life insurance telesales business and show you how to grow with intention.

Tony Hakim and his partners built North Star Insurance Advisors in 2015 and have continued to grow it to an organization that has produced over $150,000,000 of Final Expense annual premium, 100% over the phone.  With over 200 team members that support their agents and 8 call center partners, North Star has continued to see rapid growth to over $35,000,000 of production in 2021 and working to surpass $40,000,000 in 2022.

Justin Brock

The Power of Brick & Mortar/Telesales Hybrid Agencies

Justin will show you how to structure a profitable brick and mortar/telesales hybrid agency and scale out of the grind.

Justin Brock has built an 8 figure revenue business in 5 short years. He’s founder of MedicareCon, GoGuru (tech) and an FMO with 100,000+ insureds…but his most profitable hub is his brick and mortar/telesales hybrid agency where he sells 80% of his business over the phone.

James Whitley

Changing Lives Via Agency Building

James has a fresh take on agency building that’s been a foundation for growth at SLS. It’s bigger than leads, sales training, activity and mindset.

James is Chief Marketing Officer and Director of Operations at Senior Life Services (SLS). SLS writes over $25,000,000 of final expense production annually on an LOA-only model with just a few carriers. They take culture to the next level that will inspire the next generation of agency builders.

Patryce Sheppard

Leveraging Virtual Assistants To Scale Productivity & Profits

Patryce will show you what VA’s can (and should) do in your business.  Including making your VA’s revenue producin by squeezing sales out of those old and “not interested” leads and asking for referrals on every customer service touch point. 

Patryce wrote over $250,000 of premium in 2021 off of purchased leads over the phone.  49% of that $250,000 was from referrals from the processes she implemented. In 2022, she’s now supercharged and automated many of those processes by investing time into her VA’s.

Tony Lani

Niche Life Insurance Agency Panelist: Leveraging Influencers and Viral Marketing

Tony Lani is CEO and founder of America First Insurance Group.  He’s unapologetically conservative and has built a business around his unwavering beliefs.  America First Insurance Group is outspoken and leverages some of the biggest conservative influencers in combination with viral marketing strategies to attract like-minded conservative prospects who want to support companies with the same ideologies.  Tony will share the strategies behind his marketing and positioning in the market.

Dave Arlinghaus

Niche Life Insurance Agency Panelist: Immersing Yourself In Your Niche

Dave Arlinghaus, founder of Cigar Life Guy®, has created a successful life insurance practice around a passion; a love of cigars. Cigar Life Guy® is a true consumer brand recognized throughout the cigar community, mostly for content having nothing to do with financial services or insurance.  With 8000+ followers across social media, 100K+ annual website visits, regular appearances on cigar industry media and featured appearances at consumer-facing industry events, Dave has high-intent, desirable (median age 55, household income $200k+) cigar smoking prospects reaching out to him.  Truly a lifestyle business.

Michael Binyaminov

How To Capitalize On The ACA Gold Rush

How to write 50+ ACA apps per WEEK at a $30 acquisition cost and cross sell them life insurance. You’ll see the ad copy, learn the economics and how simple it is to write ACA business in this quick value-packed 30 minute presentation.

Michael was a strong life insurance producer who transitioned to ACA this year. In his first full month, he wrote 215 policies at a $20 acquisition cost earning him over $5,000 in residual income in 1 month! He now teaches life insurance agents how to write 150+ ACA applications a month and get off the hamster wheel of life only business.

Justin Thomas

Multiple 6 Figures Without Chasing A Single Person!
(Under the hood of a funnel that results in $350k in life insurance commissions each year)

See the ad copy, targeting, sales page, video and backend process of a niche life insurance funnel anyone can build out in a quick value-packed 30 minute presentation.

Justin helps agents build out life insurance lead systems around niche groups of people. He’s helped over 500 agents scale their business by showing them how to stop chasing leads and instead attract people to them with proper advertising and marketing!

Jeff Root

Thriving In The Current Life Insurance Market Conditions

Jeff will reveal data your uplines are too scared to give you or simply don’t know about so you can make better decisions. He’ll also show you how to thrive in the current life insurance market conditions where most lead sources are saturated.

Jeff Root is Managing Partner of DigitalBGA, a telesales focused life insurance agency named by Inc Magazine as one of the fastest growing private companies in the nation. DigitalBGA’s proprietary technology gives them data insights to spot trends on what’s working and not working in real-time.

Highlights From Last Year’s Mastermind

Want to get a feel for what the event is like? Check out the highlights and hear from some of the attendees and speakers at our 2021 event in Austin, TX.


Here are some comments made from those who have attended in the past.

“There is no carrier b.s. or boring sessions like other industry events…”

For those of you who didn’t make the trip last year, this type of event is fantastic. There is no carrier b.s. or boring sessions like other industry events, just producers sharing ideas and helping each other get more leads and write more business.

No matter where you are in your online agency’s growth, this event should be on your calendar if you can make it. You’re going to get on a plane after the meetings with a ton of ideas and more motivation than you’ve had in years (at least that was my experience last year).

“I’ve been to 50+ industry conferences in my career and this 2 day session was by far the most informative, enlightening and impactful..”

I’ve been to 50+ Industry conferences in my career and this 2 day session was by far the most informative, enlightening and impactful conference that I can remember. Outstanding speakers and content, no ego or bs, and tons of real-world insights and tools to grow the business. Loved connecting with people who want to change the sales/marketing landscape. Let’s roll and keep shifting the entire insurance paradigm!

“It was one of those priceless pivotal moments that changed my business forever…”

I never really thought about scaling until I went to the Digital Life Insurance Agent Mastermind. I was just trying to scratch out a living, you know what I mean? I didn’t even have a clue what was possible.

All the presentations were good. But [this event] showed me I was thinking small, tiny-ass potatoes. It was one of those priceless pivotal moments that changed my business forever.

“If asked what the theme for this unbelievable event was the answer has to be GENEROSITY”

If asked what the theme for this unbelievable event was the answer has to be GENEROSITY. Not run of the mill being polite generosity either, but generosity of specific expertise. This is not something you come across everyday and never where it’s the rule rather than the exception.

“There’s nothing better than learning from your peers”

This really was a fantastic event. There’s nothing better than learning from your peers. Too often I have found that conferences in the financial/insurance industry are more hype than substance and I know I have left more than a few thinking that it probably wasn’t worth my time. This was 2 days very well spent. I learned a ton and now have several very specific things to take action on to improve my business. Oh and had a lot of fun too! 

“I truly believe we’re at the beginning of something even greater to come..”

This event was nothing short of kick-ass.

I felt “at home” with all of you, hanging out, chatting about life and business. I left feeling happy and fulfilled in about every facet imaginable.

I truly believe we’re at the beginning of something even greater to come, and every person who takes massive action and sticks together with this family will see results which will forever change their lives moving forward.

This is no ordinary event, it’s an experience.

Join over 200 of the nation’s most forward thinking independent life insurance agents.

Get strategies to stay ahead and get results…NOW

You won’t hear most of this information from your uplines or online communities.

Gain access to the room where some of the most successful digital life insurance agents will openly share their strategies that are scaling their businesses.

More importantly, build your connections

You’re going to walk away with so many connections of people that can help you now or in the future. An experience that you’ll remember for a long time.

Having trouble generating quality leads? Not converting leads to sales over the phone? Don’t know the next step to scale your business? Do you feel stuck?

Leverage your connections to get the information and strategies you need. Don’t have connections? Get to this event.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make those dates, will this event be recorded?

Yes. We have a limited amount of virtual tickets. Our previous 3 sold out events didn’t have this option and we heard the feedback loud and clear.

Will I get to meet the speakers?

Yes. We designed the event for maximum interaction. We’ll all dine together for lunch and breakfast (covered in your ticket price). We’ll spend 3 hours together at the opening party and have formal masterminding session on Day 2.

How many attendees will there be?

We’re planning for only 200 agents to attend. Like previous years, we want to keep this event small and intimate.

Is this some kind of recruiting play?

No. There is no recruiting allowed and no pitching of products allowed. This event is solely to learn new growth strategies in our niche area of the life insurance industry and connect digital life insurance agents no matter who their upline is.

What hotel should I stay at?

Any hotel on the Las Vegas strip. The Luxor is very easy to get to.

When will the event start and end?

Start time is 8:00 each morning. Day 1 will end at 5:00. Day 2 will end at noon.

We recommend arriving before dinner the night before so you can attend our opening party.

Are there any refunds?

There are no refunds, however tickets are transferable. We plan to sell out like the previous 3 years so finding someone to buy your ticket shouldn’t be too hard.

Register Today!

Access the latest marketing strategies, growth tips and business advice from hand-selected experts making waves in our industry.

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